Difuzoare liniare SDML

Difuzoare liniare SDML



1” slot


SDML modular linear diffusers are designed for variable air volume systems. They project a uniform blanket of air that adheres to the ceiling even at low rates.


Both the direction and volume of the discharged air can be adjusted gradually by moving the pattern controllers (see diagrams).


Full 180 pattern controller adjustment means there are no “left” or “rights. Specifying, ordering, and installing are simplified.


Model SDML-R return is the same as the model SDML supply diffusers except that the pattern controllers are omitted.


Available with one to six slots.


Ideal for continues length application. Multiple sections are shipped with alignment strips or pins for field installation.


Maximum pattern controller lengths 60 cm. Maximum one piece section is 1.8 m lengths greater than 1.8 m are furnished in multiple sections. The number of sections is determined by the factory.


Material: frame and pattern controllers are from extruded aluminum.


Frame- baked powder painted with the elegant New STUDIO “ cream/off-white shade.
Blades- Black anodized


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